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Grand Street Parade

Prepare to be amazed by the vibrant spectacle of the SunFest Grand Street Parade!

Be amazed as SunFest Grand Street Parade transforms O'Shanassy Street into an assembly of colours and creativity, community groups and organisations from far and wide converge to showcase their spirit and unity. Proudly marching in costumes and uniforms that embody their identities, these groups take to the streets. The parade comes alive with the rhythmic beats of occasional drums and sirens to the backing of the music that echoes through the street from the Main Stage.  


Every step taken, everyone that passes with the infectious energy of dance groups, and the dazzling displays atop elaborately decorated floats and vehicles, is a vivid representation of the heart and soul of these groups, each with its own unique message to share.

SunFest's Grand Street Parade is a magnificent display of culture, creativity, and community!

Join the FUN at the SunFest Colour Run!

Get ready to splash some colour and spread joy!

Our much-awaited Colour Run is just around the corner, and we want YOU to be part of the excitement!


DATE: Sunday 17 March 2024

LOCATION: Sunbury Village Green

TIME: 10:00-11:30AM

TICKET REGISTRATION: Event Day 09:00-10:00AM

WARM UP: 10 Minute Warm Up by Beautiful + Balanced Bodies


Additional Colour Powder Bags can be purchased through Eventbrite and/or at the event.


One Agency Sunbury

Join us! Be a Part of the SunFest Grand Street Parade!

Join us and be a part of the SunFest celebration! 

With an extraordinary and vibrant array of local community groups, businesses and retailers, showcase your organisation through the main street of town!  


Join the fun, make lasting memories, and be a part of something big. Send in your Grand Street Parade Registration Form now!

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