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  • What is SunFest, and when is it happening?
    SunFest is the largest, volunteer-run community festival in Victoria that attracts over 30,000 visitors each year to the many attractions offered over the two-day event. You will be entertained by the Grand Street Parade, Torchlight Parade, Saturday Night Fireworks, Marching Bands, children's entertainment, School Choir Competition, Sunbury Idol, Dance Competition, the ever-popular Sunday Colour Run, a fantastic variety of stalls, food court, roving artists, thrill seeking amusement rides and games and so much more. SunFest is held on the 3rd weekend of March each year.
  • Is SunFest a family-friendly event?
    Yes, SunFest is a family-friendly event. We offer a wide range of activities and entertainment suitable for all ages, making it a great experience for families to enjoy together.
  • What are the event hours and location?
    SunFest opens to the public on Saturday (9AM - 11PM) & Sunday (10AM - 4PM) at the Sunbury Village Green (corner of O'Shannasy Street & Brook Street, Sunbury VIC 3429). For detailed information about the specific hours and location of the upcoming SunFest, please visit our website or check our official event announcements.
  • Are there any admission fees or ticket requirements?
    No, there aren't any admission fees or ticket requirements for SunFest. SunFest is a FREE event and is open to all attendees.
  • Will there be any food and beverage options at the festival, and can I find options for dietary requirements or allergies?
    SunFest offers a variety of food and beverage options from food trucks, coffee vans and food stalls for attendees to enjoy. You can expect a diverse selection of culinary delights and refreshing beverages to satisfy your cravings throughout the event. We make an effort to provide options for dietary restrictions and allergies, but we recommend checking with individual vendors for specific information regarding their offerings.
  • Is there parking available, and what are the parking options?
    Parking is available for SunFest attendees in the street parking bays around the Village Green.
  • What activities and entertainment are available for kids and families?
    SunFest offers a wide array of activities and entertainment options for kids and families, including children's zones, interactive exhibits, live performances, the Grand Street Parade, saturday night fireworks, marching bands, school choir competition, the SunFest Colour Run, a fantastic variety of stalls, food court, thrill seeking amusements rides and games and so much more. A detailed schedule of family-friendly activities will be available on our website and event program.
  • Is SunFest per-friendly?
    Yes, SunFest is a pet-friendly event, and we welcome your furry friends to join in the fun.
  • Is there a designated area for nursing mothers or baby changing facilities?
    Yes, we provide designated areas for nursing mothers and baby changing facilities to ensure the comfort and convenience of families attending SunFest. These areas will be clearly marked and accessible on-site.
  • What should I do in case of lost children or medical emergencies?
    In the event of lost children or medical emergencies, please locate the nearest event staff or security personnel, who are trained to handle such situations. We also recommend setting up a designated meeting point with your family in case you get separated.
  • Concerned about your child getting lost in the crowd?
    You can register your children at the SunFest Information Marquee. You will get a wristband where you can write your mobile number so that if your child becomes lost we can locate you easily. The Festival Information marquee is the meeting point for lost children.
  • Are there wheelchair-accessible facilities and services for guests with disabilities?
    Yes, SunFest is committed to providing accessibility for all attendees. We offer accessible facilities, including restrooms and viewing areas. Additionally, there is solid ground to assist with mobility aids.
  • How can I get involved as a volunteer or sponsor for SunFest?
    Getting involved as a volunteer or sponsor is a great way to support SunFest. For detailed information on how to participate, including volunteer opportunities and sponsorship options, please visit our website or contact our dedicated team for further assistance. We welcome your contributions to make SunFest a success.
  • How do I apply to become a stall holder?
    Complete the 'Stall Holder Application Form' either via the online form or application form which you can find on our website under the Stalls tab and email to Please be sure and attach any supporting documents as outlined in the application.
  • What about food stall applications?
    When applying for a food stall please be sure and provide all required paperwork to satisfy Council by laws. Please be assured that a representative from the Hume City Council Health Department will be in attendance both days to inspect all food premises.
  • How do I know if I've been approved as a stall holder?
    You will receive an email from the SunFest Stall Holder Coordinator to advise you of the outcome of your application.
  • I've been accepted, what's next?
    With your acceptance email you will receive an invoice for all relevant stall fees. Please read all information contained within this email as it will have vital information pertaining to the next steps.
  • How do I pay my stall fees?
    Instructions on how to pay your stall fees will be provided on your invoice.
  • Do I require insurance?
    Yes all stalls will require at least $10 million Public Liability insurance.
  • Stall size?
    All stall sites are strictly 3m x 3m. If your stall is larger than this you will require another site/s.
  • How do I measure my stall?
    If you have a regular stall at other events and markets you will know the dimensions of your stall and can apply accordingly. If this is your first time, set up your proposed shelter and include all tables and stock as if you were trading. All stalls will have a single frontage meaning you will only be able to trade out of one 3 metre side of your site space. If you apply for 2 sites you have the option to have a double frontage site meaning you will have a 6 metre frontage from which to trade from. Some stalls, particularly those requiring a food preparation area, may apply for 2 sites but require only a 3 metre site frontage from which to trade from but can have 6 metres depth for additional food preparation room. This is also useful for stalls with a large amount of stock. Please note that your stall must stay within the confines of the lines marked on the ground. You must not encroach on sites adjacent to yours. You will be asked to rearrange your site to fit within the confines of your site. No vehicles will be allowed to stay on site. For sites requiring a trailer i.e. food preparation or a small food trailer please be sure to measure the drawbar as this is included in your site size. If your drawbar extends beyond the allowed 3 metres you will be required to purchase additional sites.
  • Stall fees?
    Stall fees are based on the type of stall you have, for clearer definitions please see section 7 'Fees and Charges' above in the Stall Holder Application Explanatory Notes.
  • What about ground cover?
    As most stalls follow the natural tree line on the Village Green most stalls will be positioned under trees. Our Council have placed mulch under most trees. It would be helpful if you brought some kind of ground cover i.e. synthetic grass, shade cloth, rubber matting to even out the floor of your stall. This will need to be weighed down so it doesn’t become a trip hazard. This is entirely optional but comfortable patrons are more likely to stay and browse.
  • Are there any restrictions for canopy spaces?
    The majority of stall spaces will be under the shade of trees, a regular height marquee (and some small food vans) will fit under the trees, and taller stalls can be arranged. Please let us know if your stall requires extra height.
  • Is storage available?
    No. We do not have the ability to store items securely overnight. Although we have security on the village green for the duration of the festival, we cannot guarantee the safety and security of items left overnight in your stall (if you are staying both days).
  • What do I need to bring as a stall holder?
    You will need to bring everything you will require to set up your stall (including but not limited to) collapsible tables, tablecloths, displays, boxes, baskets, ladders, hammer, marquee weights, appropriate signage, a trolley to help you bring everything in, etc. Stall Holders operating at night need to ensure you have means to light your stall after dark. Chairs are highly recommend- it can be a long day. You’ll need some float money and/or moblie payment systems such as PayPal or Square to make transactions. A shoulder bag or bum bag to keep your float secure on your person is a good idea. Recycled/re-used shopping bags for your customers to put their purchases in. You might like to bring a water bottle and snacks, but there will also be plenty of food and beverage options available at the festival.
  • What happens if it rains?
    SunFest is an all-weather event. Please check the weather forecast prior and make sure you are well provisioned to be able to cover your stock if the need arises. SunFest will proceed regardless of ALL weather unless directed by appropriate authorities. Ensure you dress appropriately for the season and weather.
  • What is I'm running late?
    You need to call us! Make sure you put our contact mobile number in your phone before the day (you’ll get this info along with stall holder notes the weeks before the market) and that you have your mobile turned on with the sound up. If you don’t call and you aren’t there by 08:00am, we will consider you a no-show and may move another stall holder into your space. Costs will not be refunded. No exceptions. It is the stall holders responsibility to check if there are any transport issues which may affect their travel time to the venue, eg roadworks, public transport delays, etc. You may find these websites useful
  • When can I apply for a stall?
    We generally open up stall applications around two months out from each festival year. Keep an eye out on our website and social media pages for stall application information.
  • There ate no guarantees!
    Sunbury Community Festival Inc. cannot and will not be held responsible for how much stallholders sell or how much money they make at any given festival. What stall holders bring to sell; the condition it is in, the appropriateness of what they are selling versus the shopper demographics on any particular festival day, their price points, the way they engage with customers (or not), the signage and stall presentation, etc is all up to individual stall holders. We facilitate the festival event and spend considerable time and resources advertising and promoting it to a broad audience, however we cannot guarantee the turnout at any event. We encourage stall holders to tell people they are having a stall at SunFest and encourage them to come along, plus share SunFest on their social media networks. Stall holders must be prepared to promote their attendance at the market.
  • What if I cancel or can't make the event? Can I get a redund?
    An email to is required. To be granted a refund, you must place in writing a cancellation notice at least 14 days before the event. Please note that if you cancel your stall within 14 days of the festival regardless of weather, if you didn't arrive in time to set up or non-show, you will NOT be refunded any fees you might have paid. Refund requests will be assessed on a case by case basis and only if we can fill the site you had been allocated. Please refer to the SunFest Terms & Conditions.
  • What if you haven't answered my question here?
    If your question is not answered by these FAQs or anywhere else on the website, please send us an email. We promise to get back to you ASAP! It’s best to do this before applying if you are unsure, because, as mentioned, cancellation fees do apply.
  • Is parking available for stall holders?
    No vehicles are allowed to stay on the Village Green during the duration of the festival. There is street parking around the Village Green.
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